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Artist: William Kentridge (South African, b. 1955)
Title: Typewriter
Date: 2003
Medium: Sugarlift aquatint
Size: 30 1/2" x 36 11/16"
Location: First floor

The Brooklyn College Library Collection. Purchased with The Dormitory Authority of New York Art Acquisition Funds. © William Kentridge

The typewriter in this print is full of quirky character; the old-fashioned keys, typebars, and levers twitch with motion and life, even in the absence of a typist.

William Kentridge infuses many of his works with this kind of vitality, and he often combines them to make stop-motion animations, or "drawings for projection." Though the resulting films are sequences of still images, they burst with energy, especially when he is addressing politically charged subjects such as apartheid.

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