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Major Collections and Collection Areas

Major Collections and Collection Areas

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Areas of Collection: Brooklyn College | Brooklyniana | Brooklyn YWCA | Historic Manuscript Collection | Rare Book Collection | The Stuart Schaar Collection  | Digital Collections 

Brooklyn College Archives and Special Collections seeks to document the rich history of Brooklyn College through collecting and preserving departmental records and the papers of faculty and alumni.  Other major areas of collection include Brooklyniana, the Historic Manuscript Collection, the Rare Book Collection, the Robert L. Hess Collection on Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa, and the Stuart Schaar Collection on the Middle East and North Africa.

A limited number of Finding Aids are available online.  A Finding Aid is a document which provides detailed information about the contents of an archival collection. A list of the Finding Aids currently available online can be found below each collection description. 

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Brooklyn College

Mayor LaGuardia at the Brooklyn College Groundbreaking 1935

The majority of our holdings document the history of Brooklyn College. This includes official reports and publications, student newspapers, departmental records, artifacts and photographs.   The papers of noted faculty including Procope Costas (Classics), Allen Ginsberg (English), and Alfred McClung Lee (Sociology) are housed in the Archives as well.

Academic Club Association

Athletics Department Records, Brooklyn College

Bing, Photograph Collection of George L.

Biology Department Lantern Slides, Brooklyn College 

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College, Records of the

Chinese Language and Culture Club, Papers of

Classics Department, Records of Brooklyn College

Country Fair Collection, Brooklyn College

Ditmas Flag Collection

Ditmas House Collection, Brooklyn College

Euclid House Plan Association, Brooklyn College

Faculty Circle, Papers of Brooklyn College

Farm Labor - Brooklyn College Oral Histories

Fraternities & Sororities, Brooklyn College

Geology Department, Records of Brooklyn College

I.R.P.E, Records of the

Memorial Celebration for Brooklyn College's Dean Robert Jefferson and Ms. Geraldine Williams

Midwood Campus Construction, Brooklyn College 

Rappaport, Collection of Steven

Student Club Collection, Brooklyn College 

Student Handbill Collection, Brooklyn College

Women's Studies Program

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Brooklyn College Alumni

Alter, Papers of Susan D.

Chisholm '72 Collection, Shirley

Dershowitz, Papers of Alan 

Field, Papers of Frank

Freeman, Papers of Devery

Goodman, Papers of Judge Emily Jane

Granit, Papers of Arthur

Handlin, Papers of Oscar

Jacobs, Papers of Assemblywoman Rhoda

Jacobson, Papers of Dr. Myrtle Saxe

Kalechofsky, Papers of Roberta

Kaye, Papers of Sylvia Fine

Levenson Collection, Sam

Mann, Papers of Arthur

Rosten, Papers of Norman

Schneider, Papers of Nina

Scult, Papers of Ruth B.

Shaw, Papers of Irwin

Siegel, Papers of Beatrice

Vader, Collection of Melvyn

Wald, Papers of Malvin

Werner, Papers of Bernard

Winston, Papers of Richard & Clara

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Brooklyn College Faculty

Anderson, Papers of Bonnie S.

Benedict, Papers of Dr. Coleman H.

Davidson, Papers of Joseph

Dickinson, Papers of Asa Don

Fradenburgh, Papers of Adalbert G.

Gideonse, Papers of President Harry D.

Ginsberg, Papers of Allen

Glicksberg, Papers of Charles

Groisser, Papers of Philip L.

Hartmann, Papers of Thomas

Higginbotham, Papers of Dr. Barbra B.

Hill, Papers of Hyacinthe

Hess, Papers of Dr. Robert L.

Kimmich, Papers of Dr. Christoph M.

Krase, Papers of Professor Jerome

Lee, Papers of Alfred McClung

Luchterhand, Papers of Elmer G.

Luria, Papers of Max A.

Monaghan, Papers of E. Jennifer

Negro, Papers of Dante

President,  Papers of the Office of the

Robinton, Papers of Madeline R.

Sleeth, Papers of Charles Robert

Slochower, Papers of Harry

Waterman, Papers of Willoughby Cyrus

Whittier, Papers of Isabel

Wolfe, Papers of Dr. Ethyle R.

Zeller, Papers of Belle

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 Other collection areas include:


The Read Children playing in the backyard on Adams Street

In our efforts  to document the borough of Brooklyn, the Archives has amassed photographic collections, community and county histories, a sizable map and genealogical collection, and the papers of noted Brooklyn legislators and civic leaders.

Astroland Amusement Park, Records of

Brooklyn Borough Presidents, Papers of 

Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment, Records of

Brooklyn Democratic Party, Papers of 

Brooklyn Historic Documents

Erasmus Hall Alumni Association, Collection of

Genealogical Collection, Brooklyn Families

Hand, The Papers of William

Jones, Papers of William Augustus

Keogh Collection, Eugene James

Kingsborough Historical Society-Coney Island Collection

Local History Research Collection

Manhattan Beach Community Group, Papers of

Mann, Papers of Jacob

Methodist Hospital, Records of New York

Milne, Papers of George

Read Family, Papers of

Transit Newsletters

USS Brooklyn Collection

Windels, Collection of Paul

Weeksville, Society For The Preservation of

YWCA of Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Politics

Abelman, Papers of Max

Rooney, Collection of John J.

Goodman, Papers of Judge Emily Jane

Alter, Papers of Susan D.

Brooklyn Borough Presidents, Papers of 

Chisholm '72 Collection, Shirley

Clarke, Una

McGuinness, Papers of Peter James

Conklin, Papers of William T.

Dorn, Papers of Francis E.

Richardson, Papers of Roy M.D.

Pincus, Papers of Edwin K.

Bartels, Papers of Judge John R.

Genovesi, Papers of Assemblyman Anthony

Women's Political Caucus, Brooklyn

Women's Political Caucus, Records of New York State

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Young Women's Christian Association of Brooklyn 

In the fall of 2010, the Brooklyn YWCA deeded 150 boxes (approx. 500,000 items) of their historical material to the Brooklyn College Library.  These materials document the history of the Brooklyn YWCA from its founding to the present day.  Founded in 1888, the Brooklyn YWCA provided much needed services for women in a changing industrial world.  At the forefront of education, affordable housing, child care, suffrage, and civil rights, this organization was and still remains integral to the empowerment of women in Brooklyn.

Visit Our Brooklyn YWCA Blog for more information.

The Current Finding Aid can be accessed here: The Records of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Brooklyn.  

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The Robert L. Hess Collection on Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa:   

Robert L. Hess, the 6th President of Brooklyn College

Robert L. Hess, a noted scholar of Ethiopian History, served as Brooklyn College President from 1979-1992.  This collection of over 5,000 rare and out of print  books and journals includes the memoirs of Italian colonial officials and soldiers, linguistic texts, travel accounts and histories.  For more information, please vist the Hess Collection page.

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Historic ManuscriptsMountain Climber Anne Smith Peck

The Historic Manuscript Collection contains the papers and memorabilia of individuals of national and social importance including the papers of child psychologist Dr. Lauretta Bender, mountaineer Annie Peck Smith, and Civil War soldier Captain James M. Pettit.  

Brooklyn College has also amassed many boxing related manuscript collections including the Hank Kaplan Boxing Archive, the world’s largest and most comprehensive boxing collection.  

Arcel, Papers & Memorabilia of Ray

Baker, Papers of Joe "Kid"

Barrett, Papers of Jack

Bender, Papers of Lauretta

Benet, Papers of Laura

Brown, Papers & Materials of Freddie

Fried, Papers of Ron

Kaplan Boxing Archive, Hank

Kleinman Family, Papers of

Newfield, Collection of Jack

Olin, Papers of Bob

Peck, Papers of Annie Smith

Pettit, Collection of James M.

Rocco, Papers of Emmett

Sangster, Papers of Margaret

Seltzer, Papers of Aaron

Woollcott, Letters of Alexander

Zimet, Papers & Memorabilia of Vic

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Rare Book Collection

A rare book in our Special Collections

There are about two thousand volumes of rare books housed in the Archives.    This collection includes titles of significant literary, historical, geographical, and scientific value.

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Stuart Schaar Collection on the Middle East and North AfricaA book from the Schaar Collection

Upon retiring from Brooklyn College, Professor Schaar of the History Department donated his book collection and personal papers to the Library.   His collection consists of approximately 4,000 books and periodicals and 77 boxes of manuscript material. The collection also  includes a large number of diverse and eclectic works of art from  the region. 

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Digital Collections

Visit our CUNY Academic Works page to view digitized photographs and documents depicting Brooklyn College’s early history, student activities, Country Fair, famous alum William Alfred, and the Farm Labor Project.  

Brooklyn College's NYC Heritage Digital Collections page contains Brooklyn Democratic Party Scrapbooks and BC Student Handbills.  These digitization projects were supported in part by funds from the Metropolitan Library Council (METRO) through the New York State Regional Bibliographic Databases Program.  

Brooklyn College, Student Handbills

The Brooklyn College Student Handbill Collection is comprised of handbills that demonstrate student involvement in anti-war rallies, fascism, threats to the United States, inhibitions, defending professors, aid to the Chinese, academic freedom, and much more.

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Democratic Party Scrapbooks

This digital collection contains the scrapbooks of Brooklyn Democratic Party leaders George A. Wingate, John B. Johnston, and Patrick Quinn.  The collection contains clippings, pamphlets, tickets, endorsements, and a wide variety of ephemera from the Brooklyn Democratic Party from 1888-1966. 

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