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CLICS (Request Books from CUNY Libraries)


CLICS is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

You can search and request from the catalog using any browser from any location.

CLICS is the preferred choice for requesting books from CUNY Libraries.

At some campuses, you can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to handle intercampus library requests. However, CLICS is easier to use, is faster, and is open to undergraduates. At campuses where you can use either CLICS or ILL, there may also be smaller limits on the number of concurrent Interlibrary Loan requests or fees charged to you.

More information on CLICS is provided by Circulation staff members.

Contact staff at the Circulation Desk at any of the CUNY Libraries if you have further questions about CLICS.

Use CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Services (CLICS) to request an item from another CUNY Library.

If you find a book in the catalog that is not in the Brooklyn College Library but is available at another CUNY library, you can use CLICS to request that it be sent to our Library for you to pick up. You will be notified by email when the book is available.

An email notification will be sent to your Brooklyn College email address.  If the book is not available, you will receive an email notice.

Book Requests

Materials requested through CLICS usually arrive within 2-3 business days.
The time it takes for you to receive materials requested through CLICS depends on the day of the week and time of day you make the request. However, as part of the CLICS implementation, the CUNY libraries are all receiving daily inter-campus weekday pick-up and delivery service. Our aim is to gradually reduce delivery time to several days, excluding weekends and holidays. Our ability to achieve this goal will depend on the volume of requests as well as staff availability. Note that books requested from the Hunter Health Professions and the School of Social Work libraries will require additional delivery time since they are first sent to the main Hunter Library.
Requesting a book using CLICS takes only a few minutes.

To utilize the CLICS service, you must activate the barcode on the back of your Brooklyn College ID. You may activate your barcode at the Circulation Desk.

  1. Begin your search by clicking on All CUNY Libraries in the catalog under "Select library."
  2. Once you have found the item that you need, click on Title Request in the orange bar toward the top of that item's record.
  3. Enter your 14 digit barcode number that is on the back of your valid ID card. (Do not include spaces or dashes.)
  4. Enter your password. If you have not created a password, enter your 14 digit barcode number again.
  5. The default pick-up location is Brooklyn College, which appears as Brooklyn on the list. However, the book can be delivered to any CUNY library.
    EXCEPTION: You cannot request a Brooklyn College book to be pulled from our stacks and be delivered to the BC Library circulation desk.
  6. If you don't need the book after a certain date, enter that date in the format YYYYMMDD in Period of Interest field. Otherwise, leave it as is.
  7. Click on Go.
  8. You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page. If you wish, you may print this page. You will then receive notification (via email) when the item is available to be picked up.


All circulating material may be borrowed through CLICS.

Only those items that circulate are eligible to be requested using CLICS. Other items (such as journals, reserve items, reference material, music scores, material from archives and special collections, and all DVDs and videos) are not eligible for CLICS requests.

CUNY students, faculty, and staff are eligible for CLICS.
CUNY undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff with active, unblocked library accounts have the privilege of requesting materials using CLICS.


If there is a problem with your CLICS request, you will be notified.
You will be notified if your request can't be filled by the library from which you requested it. You can try to request it again from another CUNY library.
You will be notified by email when the book is available.
To use CLICS, your e-mail address must be in your library circulation record. Stop by the Circulation Desk (1st floor) or call (718) 951-5335 to verify that it has been entered. An e-mail notification will be sent to you when the book is available.

Courtesy Discharge at CUNY

Books can be returned to any CUNY Library.

Materials from any CUNY library that circulate for regular loan periods can be returned to any CUNY library. You do not need to go back to the library from which you borrowed the item(s).

NOTE: Special loan items (e.g., reserve and interlibrary loan items) must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

Library overdue fines may be paid at any CUNY Library. 

Late fines are paid to the library where material is returned.

You must pay library fines to the library to which you return the item(s), which can be any CUNY library.

NOTE: Local policies governing the payment of fines vary from library to library. Check with the staff at the Circulation Desk if you have any questions.